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Home or Business Energetic Clearing and Cleansing.

   Do you have these experiences in your work environment?

           > 'Revolving door syndrome'.  Employees seem to come and go.

           > 'Sick office'. Employees often ill or fatigued.

           > Profitability sluggish. 

           > Difficulty moving forward with ideas or visions.

           > Foot traffic not where you'd like it to be.

   Call us to come in and clear cubicles, doorways, isles, any work spaces so that the energies can flow steadily again.

   Do you have these experiences in your home?

           > Restlessness or sense of being watched.

           > Anger between family members.

           > Frequent breakage or leaks in your home from light bulbs to plumbing.

           > Children or pets behaving unusually.

           > Home feels cold.

           > Unexplained sounds day or night.

           > You feel unsafe and need additional protection.

           > A recently deceased loved one visiting you?

           > This is a new residence and you want the old energies out!

           > Pesky poltergeist?

Call us to come in and clear your sacred space, your home - your sanctuary and return harmony and balance to your life.

Something 'new' to be blessed in your life?

          > New business venture?

          > New home or apartment in a new area or state?

          > New engagement or marriage?

          > New baby or new pet?

          > Yes even a new car?

Call us to come and make offerings and blessings to all that is 'new' in your life!

Call us.  As we can remove unwanted energies, so we can also encourage positive energies to surround what is new or what is to become new in your lives.  We use a variety of tools and techniques from sage to crystals to holy water to salts.  Our process is to interview those involved so we have a clear understanding of each case.  We then relay the appropriate 'medicines' we will use to accomplish your wishes.  We are also very respectful to honor the wants and needs of our clients making sure we respect any religious or space limitations (such as no fire in the building).  Our prices vary depending on the distance and time spent starting at $50 per visit.


Unclutter and Let Go - Space Reduction and Organization.

​This is a whole new field that has successfully fallen into my lap.  Organization is something I'm very good at and love to do !  My keen intuitive skills allow me to 'connect' with the energies of the situation which help in deciding what stays and what goes.  

​If you or a loved one needs help in any way with possession reduction, contact me !  Here are some classic situations I have or would be willing to work:

​< Combined relationships where multiple duplicates of items exist

< Office paper and documents overload !

​< Lifetime of pictures organization

< Later in life downsizing

< Moving ( sure, I'll help you with a yard sale )

​< Going into retirement communities or nursing homes

​< Clothes closets downsizing / seasonal separation

​< Organization is just not your thing !


Healing Sessions With Ira'ku, Vibration and Prayer.

The are of Ira'ku (aka Divine Spirit) is an ancient technique that has been used by the Ancient Ones for many purposes.  It's origins came from the Ancient Mayans who perfected the art of utilizing the natural energies of the Earth and combined them with the energies of the Universe.  This forms a sacred and complete circle in it's use.  Ira'ku is similar to Reiki as the principals of the healer being the individual on the table and the practitioner the facilitator.  The Mayans take it a step further and incorporate stones and vibration in their work as well as their own proprietary symbols.  All clients are interviewed to enhance the experience. Love and gratitude of the ability to serve and share these 'medicines' makes our experiences unique.  Our prices vary depending on where and how long starting at $100.  Average length of treatment is 1.5 hours.


In Depth Personal Support.  Oracle Guidance.

Sometimes things get very bad and we need to confide in someone to help us sort it all out.  Grief.  Trauma.  Experiences we don't understand.  Why is a constant question.  Depression.  Death.  Pain internally or externally.  We are here to help you make sense of it all.  We use a variety of tools or 'medicines' depending on the needs and the comfort of the client.  We may use Tarot or Numerology.  We may use guidance from Spirit.  We may do Ceremony which might include making offerings to Spirit or to a loved one in the case of death or share the Sacred American Indian Pipe or Chanupa, and beseech Creator Maker for assistance.  Or we may journey with your own belief system for guidance.  Whatever the need and comfort level may be, we can help.  Our prices vary depending on the circumstances and what we do for you.  There is never a charge for 'Ceremony'.  


Denominational or Non-Denominational Ceremonies for the Deceased.

Occasionally, traditional memorials either just won't work, or things still feel somehow unfinished.  Sometimes, there is no religion or faith to go to.  Yet, survivors still wish to commemorate the life of a loved one in some way... We offer honoring, safe journey home and/or or 'letting go' ceremonies.  Each will be designed around the circumstances and wishes of all involved.  Our prices very depending on the circumstances.  There is never a charge for the 'Ceremony' itself.


Teach a class here in Beautiful Westminster Maryland! 

Our ever growing community has a vast interest in many modalities.  What do you offer?  Email Michelle at and lets discuss your talents and schedule. 

​CONTACT US to set up an appointment and answer any questions.