Women's Wisdom Circles

  Topics vary at each gathering.  Generally held in Westminster, MD


​* Dream Catcher Making Workshops

​  Held at various locations.  If you would like to host, contact me.

* Sacred Native American inspired Lodges, Fires and Pipe Ceremonies

​  Held here in Westminster, MD or at other locations as requested or needed.

* Classroom Talks and Demo's on Native American Spirituality

​   From Day Care Centers on up.

​* Oracle Readings and Modern Day Séances with Dr. Gwen MacGregor

   here in Westminster, MD.

​* I'd love to start up this class again.  If you have an interest, please let me know...  

   Elevate your Life ~ Stretch Your Mind !


   Westminster, Maryland

Got that nudge?  Looking for a teacher?  Ready for the next level?  Come join us for nine fun, power packed, interactive, transformative classes!  Every 2nd Saturday beginning March 12th, 2016 from 10-4 in Westminster, Maryland.  

Come.  Awaken the wisdom/teacher/healer within you..

Attention serious beginners students of Spirituality!  This is a 9 month, one day a month, commitment to your personal growth and enlightenment. We know that each of you will come for different reasons.  Some of you will come seeking answers.  Some to perhaps satisfy a curiosity.  Others are reaching for a deeper meaning to life.  Some for clarification.  Whatever the 'call' was that led you here, there are no accidents and no mistakes.  You were meant to be here.  The group will form a very special unique bond of trust and camaraderie.  We will treat each other with dignity and respect.  No question or though will be downplayed.  We will honor each others sacred space, and what occurs in class will remain confidential.

Know that there is no right or wrong answers or thoughts.  You can't pass or fail this course.  You will however, obtain a completely new outlook on life.  One that eliminates any false sense of separation and chip away at all that needless anxiety and fear. You will have learned there is so much more to life than just what we see with our eyes and gain tools to help you further expand your newly found perspectives.  You will further deepen your own unique connection with all things human, animal, earthly and beyond. You may even see your own personal belief system in a completely new light.  Or just throw it all out and start all over!  With an open mind and an open heart, all things are possible.  

We will cross all cultures and divides.  We will look to the past, present and future within all sorts of modalities ranging from who we were, are, and will be and how we can reduce our carbon footprint by becoming more of the 'solution' and less of the 'problem'.  If you care about your 'being' a better human 'being' overall .. take this class.

Students may be asked to bring in some items to be used in the class.  It is recommended that each student obtain a log to record their experiences in such as a scrap book or journal.  We will be referring to that often.  Also, pack a lunch.

Here is a sample agenda list:

                 Intro to each other, class preparation and etiquette. 
Lesson 1: Discussion.  Religious or Spiritual.  Which are you? What is the difference? Is there a difference?
                 How and why to build a home Altar and defining/creating Sacred Space.   

                 Discuss any changes with the presence of an altar and sacred space in your life.
Lesson 2: Discussion.  Why are we here?  Can we change our future?  Who or what is in charge?
                 We will discuss The Medicine Wheel of Life, Karma and the Concept of Oneness. 

                 Discuss students understanding and application of The Medicine Wheel and Karma.
Lesson 3: Discussion.  What is Divination and communication with the Spirit World.
                 We will journey to meet your Guides, Teachers and Ancestors.  Create a Soul collage.        

                 Discuss student’s experiences in connecting to the Spirit World.
Lesson 4: Discussion.  Past lives.  Do we come back? Who were we?  Does it affect who I am today and if so how?
                 Journey to visit our past life (s). Possibly another Soul Collage. 

                 Discuss any reflections on past life memories.
Lesson 5: Discussion: Intuition and Psychic abilities.  Do we all have them?  How do we expand our personal abilities?
                 We will learn techniques and practice on each other.  Possible guest speaker Dr. Gwen Macgregor.

                Discuss student’s experiences with using their new intuitive/psychic skills.
Lesson 6: Discussion: What is Prayer, Healing and Energy work.
                What are Chakra’s, Reiki, and other old/new modalities?  We will learn the value of making offerings and connect                               with the Healer Within.  Possible guest speaker to be named.               

                 Discuss student’s experiences with the Healer Within and making prayers for others.
Lesson 7: Discussion: Love, Generosity and the Power of Ceremony. 
                 How to love and give unconditionally and mean it!  Discuss Ceremony protocol.               

                Discuss student’s experiences with loving and giving unconditionally.  
Lesson 8: Field trip.  Either to Gettysburg for Sacred Native American Pipe Ceremony or to the Buddhist Temple in                                           Poolesville MD

                Discuss student’s impressions of field trip.
Lesson 9: Open for anything the students wish to cover and plan for graduation. 

                Discussion: Final review and thoughts.
                Graduation commencement and certification.  We will create a ‘Despacho’ – A ceremony for gratitude, abundance                             and resetting followed by a Native American Sacred Pipe Ceremony and pot luck.  

Tuition: tbd based on # of students
Students should never miss a class!  However, in the unfortunate event that one is missed, I will work with you to make the class up privately prior to the next lesson. No refunds on missed classes.​

CONTACT US to answer any questions.​​